Travis Pastrana lands Evel Knievel’s Three legendary Jumps

Travis Pastrana is a stunt man specializing on motorcycle stunts that is famous in his own right for being a dare devil. But in Las Vegas recently he was selected to be able to honor a legendary stunt man Evil Knievel that done stunts until his last days. During the show Travis dressed in outfit that was made to look like Evil Knievel’s outfit and a scooter to match his as well. But it wasn’t just that he was dressed like the man as Travis Pastrana actually landed one of the legendary stunts that Knievel was known for. After completing the show Travis was interviewed in which he said it was an honor to be there paying tribute to the stunt man that many have looked up to over the years.
The show being in Las Vegas meant that there was a huge crowd which was great for the show but for Travis as well on so many levels. To start with much of Travis’s personal history is from Las Vegas as that is where he had his first professional show and where he proposed to his wife in the past. Travis is nearing the end of a successful career as a stunt man and this is defiantly a show that he will remember for a lifetime due to the special tribute he was able to pay to a man whom he looked up to so much. During the show not only was his own family out there but the family of Knievel was watching as well as the jump when done by Knievel landed him severely hurt afterwards.
Of course since time has passed since the two jumps there are differences that had to be made for Travis there was a much shorter distance that he would be able to get up to speed with as the area is much more built up posing a huge challenge. For it to even be possible he ended up jumping the opposite side of what Knievel had done. When asked about the jump Travis seemed relieved that it was over, excited that he had been able to do the jump successfully, and honored to have been the stunt man chosen for the job. While the jump isn’t the longest jump on record it is known for being probably the hardest jump in the world because of the short area you have to get up to speed, and the height at which you have to be for the jump to even work. This jump takes immense courage and perfect timing for the stunt man to come out of it alive let alone for it to be landed with such a huge success. When other stunt men where asked about the jump and Travis they replied with joy saying that it was perfect for Travis to do the jump. The men all agreed that while they have known Travis for a long time they know that Travis has always looked up to the legend as so many other did but really has strived to be like him in many ways during his career.
While Travis is an excellent stunt man and did the job in Las Vegas perfectly having no mistakes during the show all of the stunt men that were there to support him agree that Knievel was the best stunt man that was ever in history thus far and might be the best stunt man that will ever go down in history for all that he was able to do both in the time that he lived, and period compared to any other stunt man that is alive today or in the past. Overall the show was a huge success and people rallied all over the world to support Travis in one of the biggest highlights of his career just as it is coming to a close as he is preparing to retire. But many rallied simply because of the jump and to see a show completely dedicated to a legendary stunt man that had people coming from all over the world for much of a long career. During the show streets were closed and police escorts were given to make sure that all of those in the show and VIP guests got to the show on time and in a safe manner. The roads remained closed until cops could direct all f the traffic away from the area after the show to ensure safety throughout the entire thing so that everyone could enjoy the show.

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