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Major global telecommunications carriers were among the first users of Sentilla IT Infrastructure Intelligence™, and we are currently working with several of those companies to connect Sentilla to the fixed line, mobile, and packet core topologies within their central office/exchange infrastructures. The companies are taking advantage of Sentilla’s ability to correlate relevant resource metrics across their heterogeneous, hybrid infrastructures. For example, the actual power consumption of specific equipment can be easily mapped to its configuration and performance, which allows the carriers to analyze their business in more detail than possible with their existing manual process.

“It is my responsibility to conduct annual audits of our racks and suites, including the determination of space usage and power consumption. In the past, the task has required a month to collect data, enter data into spreadsheets, and prepare reports. With Sentilla, I can complete the task in a few hours, anytime.” — Lab Manager

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From our work with the carriers, some interesting facts became apparent:

• Generally only 30.3% of power allocated in the carrier exchange is actually used.
• Up to 47% of capacity can be recovered using Sentilla software.
• Up to $30M of infrastructure investment can be re-used (based on industry standard methodology).*
• Using the manual processes Sentilla replaces, carriers can spend more than $5.5M to baseline existing operations.
• A carrier would spend more than $500k per year to replicate a subset of the functionality provided by Sentilla.*
• Sentilla’s Unified Visibility™ reduces the risk incurred when computing resources are oversubscribed or operating near their full power allocation.

“Before Sentilla, we were using less than 30% of our power capacity; but, we had allocated 100% to technology owners. The visibility provided by Sentilla allowed us to allocate those resources more precisely, and we were able to reclaim up to half of our stranded capacity.” — Infrastructure Services Manager

Sentilla produces continuous analysis of system capacity, equipment configurations, and available resources in the carrier’s central office through our close integration with system hardware and components, network management systems (NMS’s), and operations support systems (OSS’s). The result is a single source for the truth about your entire infrastructure. Sentilla provides total visibility of the entire computing environment.

For the carriers, Sentilla allows IT managers to accurately determine how much capacity is required prior to the arrival and installation of new equipment in the exchange. Managers make informed decisions regarding equipment cost and resource allocation based on both current and projected performance and capacity requirements.
* for a 1,000 cabinet exchange (1.5MW capacity)

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