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Power Analytics ensure decision makers include critical power metrics in data center management

The rise in energy prices over the last two decades has transformed a once inconsequential cost of doing business into a critical component of data center planning and execution. Your in-depth understanding of power availability and consumption patterns within the data center is necessary for truly intelligent capacity planning and cost containment. To ensure business-critical power requirements are met, including peak load and emergency capacity, within the constraints of an existing data center infrastructure and forecasted budget, you must monitor power availability by actively managing its consumption and demand.

Sentilla Power Analytics, an integrated module within the Sentilla IT Infrastructure Intelligence platform, advances the science of power management with the introduction of its patent-pending virtual meter technology. A non-intrusive, software-based, power management capability, Sentilla Power Analytics captures performance and consumption metrics across the entire data center infrastructure, including hybrid environments of physical and virtual topologies. IT managers can now correlate individual workloads to their specific energy consumption to quickly derive the accurate cost, capacity, and utilization metrics for every application in your data center and map that data to related infrastructure metrics, such as CPU cycles, and to specific business applications and services running anywhere in the enterprise architecture.

Sentilla determines the full-load power consumption and demand metrics of your systems without the use of physical meters, smart PDUs, or software agents. Data is captured and analyzed through a variety of protocols that integrate directly with existing Enterprise Management and Building Management systems as well as the newer baseband controllers deployed with the latest server configurations.

With Sentilla Power Analytics, you can combine physical and virtual meter readings with the enterprise power distribution tree to accurately deduce the total energy consumption of each branch. The result: comprehensive power metrics for all system components from switchgear to server that empowers your staff to make better decisions regarding current and future system capacity and performance.

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