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Asset Management – The First Step in Maintaining an Effective Data Center

What you don’t know can hurt you – especially if you’re trying to manage a high-performance data center. Murphy’s Law says that whatever can go wrong will, and if you’ve not identified and mitigated the risks to your IT investment, you will soon pay the price for being unprepared.

The Sentilla data center asset management solution replaces manual discovery processes and spreadsheet-based asset tracking with continuous real-time situational awareness of the entire data center infrastructure. You always understand your system’s configuration, utilization, and capacity consumption – even the purchase history of all assets, and power head room and capacity. With Sentilla, the risks and associated costs of inefficient assets are eliminated.

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Features and capabilities of the Sentilla asset management solution include:

  • Basic network scan for connected systems
  • Profile and detect systems and their running services
  • Asset workflow to import and stage asset profiles
  • Agentless discover and system configuration reporting for Windows and Unix systems
  • Support for storage devices and network switches
  • Asset connector SDK for 3rd party integration and specialized asset support
  • Distributed data center support

If you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. Sentilla delivers granular visibility of all IT assets, including servers, storage devices, network switches, and IP-enabled facilities management systems, whether those assets are housed in the data center or at a co-location facility. You will understand precisely where assets are located, how they are being utilized, and how much they cost to run.

Sentilla Asset Management

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