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The Power of Plug-and Play Intelligence for Hybrid Infrastructures

Companies migrating from legacy systems to virtual and cloud infrastructures are consistently achieving annual
returns on investment of 40+% with Sentilla Intelligent Infrastructure. The solution delivers comprehensive decision data that lets agile IT organizations take full advantage of hybrid computing environments.

IT Infrastructure Intelligence @Work:

  • Unified Visibility
  • Continuous Analytics
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Better Transformation Decisions
  • Business & IT Agility

“Sentilla is a very sophisticated analytical tool.” – Gartner Research

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Sentilla continuously gathers key performance metrics and analyzes infrastructure constraints across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Using Sentilla, you map system resources and capacity to the business services and applications as the first step to implementing comprehensive chargeback and show-back policies and ensuring capacity and constraints are aligned with business Service Level Agreements. The result is optimal performance and deployment decisions driven by insightful analytics that support the agile organization’s need for speed, agility, and flexibility.

Finally, An Analytics Solution That Addresses IT’s Priorities

Sentilla is designed to support the requirements of IT organizations operating in heterogeneous, hybrid computing environments. Built on a powerful time-series data store, Sentilla’s intuitive user interface allows IT professionals to easily slice-and-dice system information used to analyze historical metrics, perform trend analysis, and forecast future demand. Plug-in adapters expand Sentilla’s capability to integrate information from all types of IT equipment and every software layer providing a unified, enterprise-wide view of all data infrastructures across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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