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INFOGRAPHIC: IT Infrastructure Trends and Priorities for 2014

As we head into 2014, it looks like an exciting year of possibilities for professionals in IT Infrastructure. We polled thousands of IT professionals to find out what was on their mind for 2014: the top trends affecting IT Infrastructure, their top strategic priorities, top projects planned for the year, and the way IT is planning to better manage IT infrastructure this year.

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7 Key Drivers for Cloud Migration

Are you trying to determine the best path for cloud migration?

Gain peer insight from our industry survey and learn how your colleagues are approaching their cloud migration strategy. Learn how cloud analytics and unified visibility into your hybrid IT Infrastructure can help you make confident decisions and maximize ROI on your cloud investment. Access the 7 Key Drivers for Cloud Migration white paper.

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Cloud Analytics: Making the Case for the Cloud Compelling

Enterprise and IT providers are looking to the private cloud as a means to transform their legacy infrastructure into an efficient, scalable and highly available resource. (See our infographic on “Three Trends in the Evolution of IT Infrastructure.”) But the benefits of the cloud — such as agility, scalability and efficiency — mandates visibility of the infrastructure and cloud operation analytics to make the economics of transitioning to the cloud compelling.

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Trending today—the cloud. Are we going to get it right? 3 questions to ask yourself

The cloud has arrived. The indicators are there — jargon proliferation, freshly minted corporate titles, resumes peppered with experience in this field, and the ever-present conversation at networking events around cloud strategy. So, are we going to get this one right? Or, will we jump on the bandwagon repeating the patterns of the past?

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3 Trends in the Evolution of IT Infrastructure [Infographic]

The winds of change continue to morph the landscape of IT infrastructure as we look into plans for 2013 and 2014. Businesses are increasing demands for speed, agility, and flexibility, to enable innovation and quick entry into new markets. In January, we surveyed roughly 3,000 IT professionals to understand the top initiatives they were looking to accomplish regarding cloud technology. Check out the infographic for 3 of the trends in the evolution of IT infrastructure over the next two years.

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The Secret to Managing Infrastructure Anywhere, Everywhere

It’s a fact. IT is moving outside the traditional data center into colocation facilities and the cloud.

As 16% of the 3,000 global IT organizations surveyed by Sentilla say that they plan to run more than half of their applications in the cloud this year, nearly 30% will run the same number of apps in the cloud by next year.

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Data Centers – What Was & Is To Come [Infographic]

The year of 2012 was a year of searching for data centers – searching for and reclaiming lost capacity. Data center IT professionals needed to find a way to support an increasing number of users accessing business-critical applications using only the limited resources they had already invested in. With the ever-looming fear of downtime, several trends surrounding resource availability arose over the course of the year. Take a look at the infographic to see those trends and where the data centers’ search is headed…

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The Beginning or the End of the Data Center?

Yes – the future of the data center is the cloud. But is the future of the cloud the data center?

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From the Desk of the CEO: A reply to the NY Times

This past Sunday’s New York Times (9/22) front page story on data centers, energy consumption, and the failure of data center executives to manage their resources rang a sensationalist tone of “now it can be told”. The article, surprisingly—for the “paper of record”—peppered misstatements with incorrect data and missed some fundamental truths about data centers, clouds, and the people that manage it.

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Building the Business Case for New Projects

As companies are on the hunt for making their non-productive capacity in their current data centers productive, as opposed to building out new facilities, how can data center professionals quickly respond to changing business requirements? How do they calculate the business case for new projects and ensure they stay within their capacity constraints?

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