Seven Things To Never Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great place to go where people come from all over to enjoy the area for innocent and not so innocent reasons. But no matter what reason it is that you go to Las Vegas you are sure to have fun as long as you make sure that you follow these guidelines on the seven top things to never do in Las Vegas. These tips can save you time, heart ache, and lots of money which it’s no secret that you can lose it all in Las Vegas anyway. The first thing that you never want to do in Las Vegas is go without planning out where you are staying. Resorts in the area have resort fees in which will be charged daily so never book a hotel without understanding what that fee is going to be and how much that hotel is going to cost at the end of the stay. By following this rule you can make sure that you are getting a good deal where it is that you are staying instead of being hit with a giant bill at the end of the trip in which you may or may not be able to pay.
The number two thing you never want to do in Las Vegas is use an ATM at the casino or the resort and the reason for this is that the fees you will pay using their ATM is twice the price that you will pay anywhere else. Even if you are okay with having an ATM fee be smart about your money and go somewhere that is reasonable with the fee so that you don’t end up getting robbed blind because of a fee. The next tip is about the hotel mini bar that many of the resorts will put in the room and the tip is to just ignore it all together. The reason for this is because if you do use the mini bar you are going to paying up to ten times the amount if you went to the local store beside the resort and bought the drinks yourself back up to the hotel.
Street vendors are another no no as they will raise the rates simply because they tourists are by the resorts, and the casinos so they know you are not local and can get you to pay more money as you are on vacation there. Those are just the tips that involve your money which is very important in a city known for keeping the money that tourists bring and known for people losing their savings at the city for small and stupid stuff. Enjoy Vegas but go home with money still in your bank account as well so that the memories can be a long lasting one for a good reason and not for a reason of regret.
Tips that save you time and aching are to wear comfortable shoes and plan out how it is that you will get to the hotel without one of the airport taxi’s. Of course if you are going to the club or anywhere else you want to look your best but the truth is when you are walking the casino strip for whatever reason you will soon find out that in heels your feet are going to hurt. For this make sure you bring cute shoes you can actually walk in for a long distance without feeling as if your feet are on fire. When it comes to the airport taxi’s this is a bit about money but also about time as they take a while to find that taxi anyway. For the time and the money that you spend just on the taxi to get to the hotel in most cases you could have rented a car so be smart and enjoy every second of your vacation from the time you land.
The last tip is to be smart about everything you do especially if you are alone. For those that are alone there are many in Vegas whom will try to take advantage of you so don’t take drinks from pretty strangers that don’t work at the casino and always make sure you know how you are going to be traveling, where your money is at, what budget you have for the casinos, and just in general where you are as Vegas is the last place you want to be drunk and lost at while you are alone. When in Vegas it is best to be with a group as that is both safe and wise.

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Travis Pastrana lands Evel Knievel’s Three legendary Jumps

Travis Pastrana is a stunt man specializing on motorcycle stunts that is famous in his own right for being a dare devil. But in Las Vegas recently he was selected to be able to honor a legendary stunt man Evil Knievel that done stunts until his last days. During the show Travis dressed in outfit that was made to look like Evil Knievel’s outfit and a scooter to match his as well. But it wasn’t just that he was dressed like the man as Travis Pastrana actually landed one of the legendary stunts that Knievel was known for. After completing the show Travis was interviewed in which he said it was an honor to be there paying tribute to the stunt man that many have looked up to over the years.
The show being in Las Vegas meant that there was a huge crowd which was great for the show but for Travis as well on so many levels. To start with much of Travis’s personal history is from Las Vegas as that is where he had his first professional show and where he proposed to his wife in the past. Travis is nearing the end of a successful career as a stunt man and this is defiantly a show that he will remember for a lifetime due to the special tribute he was able to pay to a man whom he looked up to so much. During the show not only was his own family out there but the family of Knievel was watching as well as the jump when done by Knievel landed him severely hurt afterwards.
Of course since time has passed since the two jumps there are differences that had to be made for Travis there was a much shorter distance that he would be able to get up to speed with as the area is much more built up posing a huge challenge. For it to even be possible he ended up jumping the opposite side of what Knievel had done. When asked about the jump Travis seemed relieved that it was over, excited that he had been able to do the jump successfully, and honored to have been the stunt man chosen for the job. While the jump isn’t the longest jump on record it is known for being probably the hardest jump in the world because of the short area you have to get up to speed, and the height at which you have to be for the jump to even work. This jump takes immense courage and perfect timing for the stunt man to come out of it alive let alone for it to be landed with such a huge success. When other stunt men where asked about the jump and Travis they replied with joy saying that it was perfect for Travis to do the jump. The men all agreed that while they have known Travis for a long time they know that Travis has always looked up to the legend as so many other did but really has strived to be like him in many ways during his career.
While Travis is an excellent stunt man and did the job in Las Vegas perfectly having no mistakes during the show all of the stunt men that were there to support him agree that Knievel was the best stunt man that was ever in history thus far and might be the best stunt man that will ever go down in history for all that he was able to do both in the time that he lived, and period compared to any other stunt man that is alive today or in the past. Overall the show was a huge success and people rallied all over the world to support Travis in one of the biggest highlights of his career just as it is coming to a close as he is preparing to retire. But many rallied simply because of the jump and to see a show completely dedicated to a legendary stunt man that had people coming from all over the world for much of a long career. During the show streets were closed and police escorts were given to make sure that all of those in the show and VIP guests got to the show on time and in a safe manner. The roads remained closed until cops could direct all f the traffic away from the area after the show to ensure safety throughout the entire thing so that everyone could enjoy the show.

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